Psychology Week 2 summary of week 2 lecture

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Attachment Theory: Affective Development
-how we develop feelings towards another
-1950s: Two Theories of Attachment
Harry Harlow-> monkey instead of white rat
-basic research design of results
-evolutionary functions of attachment
-monkeys have fallen in love w/ diapers,
-sex/mother is taken away
-associate themselves w/ this soft, cotton diaper
-love not secondary to sex or food
-love- attachment is a primary instinct
-monkeys are latching on the only closest thing w/ them which is a diaper
-harry harlow conducts experiment
-wired monkey w/ milk
-cotton diaper monkey (cloth)
-behaviourists say there should be some sort of preference with the wired monkey instead of the cloth
-they find that the monkey preferred cloth monkey over the wired monkey
-cloth: 18hrs spent wired: 2hrs spent
-when frightened, monkey goes with the cloth mother
-when cloth mother is gone and wired mother is left, monkey is helpess
-neither mother is there is the same as just having the wired monkey there
Stages of Cognitive Development
-Sensory motor Stage
-preoperational stage
-concrete operational stage
-formal operational stage
Mary Ainsworth
-wants to replicate harlow’s experiment but with real babies
-“The strange situation” is what she called it
-room with set routine, camera and observers
-babies- new environment with mom in seat, there are toys on the other side of the room
-babies crawl towards toys but still associates mom with it
-then stranger comes and sits on a nearby chair
-baby runs back to mom
-baby disengages again and goes back to the toy
Cognitive Development: Jean Piaget
-wealthy, Switzerland, PHD in bio, institute of psychology in paris france
-every educational school is affected by him- the way we learn
Schema- the basic cognitive building block
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