Learning This is the lecture outline as provided by Dr. Ennis with my own annotations.

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
Lecture Outline
Seeing a beautiful person you get aroused
A Volkswagen is driving by and you do not get aroused
A beautiful person, driving a Volkswagen is repeatedly shown
o Arousal to the beautiful person
o Eventually only the Volkswagen will achieve arousal
The Volkswagen is associated with the beautiful person
Learning as Contiguity: From Aristotle to Pavlov
Learning in time or space
o Seeing connections among things in time and space
Discussed as early as Aristotle
John Locke (1632 - 1704) and "tabula rasa"
Tabula rasa = blank slate
Arrive in this world as an empty slate and our experiences determine what
we acquire in terms of knowledge, behaviour, abilities and skills
(experiences write on our blank slate)
Nurture argument (Environmental)
Suffered from a scientific standpoint, because of lack of research to
describe methods of operation
Ivan Pavlov (1849 - 1936)
A biologist, earned a Nobel Prize for studying the digestive system
o Discovered a method to implant a window inside the stomach of a
dog, in order to observe digestion
Heralded as Russia’s greatest scientist
Ran a virtual factory with research in Moscow (constantly doing research)
Used dogs extensively (plentiful in Moscow)
Psychic secretions dog foresees arrival of food and begins salivation and
secretion of digestive fluids
o An association of the mere appearance of food and secretion of
saliva and digestive fluids
Classical (Pavlovian) Conditioning
See overhead
Pairs a bell (no effect on secretion) with presentation of food
Eventually bell alone causes salivation and secretion of digestive
Dogs are associating stimuli in time
o Bell becomes a predictor of the presence of food
Existing condition: salivation and secretion, in response to food
(Unconditioned stimulus: food, unconditioned response: salivation
and secretion)
Bell is a neutral stimulus (no response)
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