PSYCH101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Long-Term Memory, Bell Labs, Self-Reference

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Published on 5 Aug 2012
University of Waterloo
Cognitive Psychology-Week 6
A, Cognitive Psychology I-MemoryL The Big Picture
Memory is one of the oldest topics in psych.
b. Stages of Memory
Different timings of memory is one stage of memory
oRegisters incoming info, and brain captures for a moment a sea of faces
oEncoding is the attention to important or nevel information.
oShort term memory-activated memory that holds a few items briefly such as
the 7 degitis of a phone number while dialing before info is stored or forgotten
oLong term memory is the permanent and limitless storehouse of the memory
oEncoding from short term memory leads to long term memory,
oIf you want to talk about something, youd retrieve it from long term memory
to short term memory so that it can be talked about
o3 types of memory: sensory, short term and long term
think of it in terms of the process that occuers in making memory happen
oprocess of encoding, storage, and retrieval
owe can have problems when we don’t remember things
othe info may not have been encoded properly
ocould have trouble remembering, maybe lost in storage
ocan have trouble retrieving info
C. Effortful memory
How much do we retain?
How long for short term memory?
oShort term memeory is limited not only in term of the length but also in how
much we can hold there
oThe basic rule is the short term memory can only hold seven plus or minus two
o7 +/- 2 things in short term memory
oBell labs figured out how many digits the short term memory can retain
Long term memory
oWe forget much of what we learn
oRepeatition is a way to aid in retaining memory
Tips to study, going over it again and again can teach the material to
you over and over.
Cues that ingluence Memory
Memory somewhere between terrible and super
Ebbinghau’s basic ideas can be dramatically influenced by cues
There are all kids of different cues that can influence memory
Semantic cues are helpful for memory
Semantic cues greatly improve memory
Cues related to self concept are even better
oThe best cues are thost that can be processed by and are relevant to the
oIf you understand how it matters to you, you ill remember it better
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