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PSYCH207 Lecture Notes - Recognition Memory, Decision-Making, Endel Tulving

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Jennifer Stolz

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- Does not assume different memory stores i.e. STM, LTM but rather focuses on the different kinds of cognitive
processing that people perform when they encode, and later retrieve information.
I. Long term memory Encoding
Maintenance Rehearsal
-Memorization / Repetition
-Maintain or hold information without transferring it into deeper code
-you’re not doing anything to go beyond the information
e.g.: repeating a phone number over again, you’ll be able to retrieve it 5 minutes later but two months later, you’ll not able to
retrieve the memory any more.
Elaborative Rehearsal
-Elaborate or go further/ to the meaning of the information; easier to retrieve even if it takes a long time
-transfer information into deeper code; e.g. learning a language, understanding or memorizing the word and its meaning
-Provides richer multimodal codes (form an image of the information)
-As you make memory more unique, the more it is easier to retrieve
-The more retrieval cues you make for that information, the easier for you to retrieve it later on
* not talking about transferring memory from short term memory to long term memory; hence talking about ways in which
memory store certain information
Craik and Tulving (1975) Levels-of-processing investigation
Assumption: We soon forget what we have not thought deeply about.
Process: Told participants to make different types of decisions about words and the Rs will measure how long it will take the Ps
to make decisions. Also to know what type of rehearsal is being used by the Ps during the Decision making.
Scenario 1: Is the word an upper case?
Scenario 2: Does this word rhyme with some other word?
Scenario 3: Does a particular word fit in a given sentence?
The Ps were not told that there will be a prior memory test later on. After studying a whole bunch of words, the Rs said that the
Ps must remember the words that they’ve studied.
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