PSYCH230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Recovered-Memory Therapy

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7 Aug 2016
Children’s Testimony Monday, Nov 2, 2015
People in the legal system either explicitly or implicitly overestimate how good our memories are. We
trust memories even when we shouldn’t. You take in the best information you got and you use it, even if
its flawed you use it because it’s better than nothing. Our memories aren’t infallible.
Sexual Violation of Children: there are physical consequences to this like diseases, violence. Most
research on recovered memory and memory of children has to do with sexual violation.
Sex with children is socially reprehensible: it’s a disgusting act, whoever does has reached a new
level of low, these kinds of sexual offenders are among the most hated, and despised people in
this planet and especially in our culture.
Sex is an “adult” act- should be freely chosen: shouldn’t be anyone else’s decision, pressure,
manipulation, coercion or pushing, it’s your call, and if you don’t want to no one should tell you/
force you otherwise. Don’t do it unless you’re truly wanting to do, and children generally don’t
know what they’re getting into, what they’re doing, the consequences, they don’t have the
adult capacity to make that decision.
Children are not active participants: they are not willing, they didn’t ask for it. A sense of
children being innocent, there are always people who will violate the general rule however. But
still never freely choosing it, and the younger they are the less likely they’ll do it and want to
Sex is a valued, even sacred, symbolic act: you put meaning into what it is, you define it in a
certain way, this is one of the most regulated thing worldwide that we have. We don’t have
rules like this about anything else.
Sex with an adult isn’t always harmful to children BUT…: This gives offenders an out, they think
you can’t say it’s wrong because it doesn’t always hurt them however this isn’t always the
It substantially increases the risk that children will suffer significant, often life-long harm:
consequences can be severe, not every child, not every time. It’s not let’s try it and see what
happens. It’s about you don’t unnecessarily put innocent people at risk for severe harm.
Memories of Sexual Violation: children can be really easy targets for predators. Predators tend to target
vulnerable children, so not every child is equally target but the ones who are shy, along, who look like
they could use a friend, with low self-esteem, or quiet and reserved. There are reasons to go for a
vulnerable children because they are quieter, more insecure, more easily manipulated. Often predators
will groom children, they first become their friend, you care about them, may be genuine caring. The
child learns that there’s someone who likes me, who trusts me, who I can trust, who I can be safe with.
They slowly move into sexual activity, maybe caressing etc., until all the way. These children are more
easily intimated, example you can’t deal anyone what’s going on because they won’t understand, they’ll
get mad at me and they’ll get mad at you, it’s our little secret, this is a way to get them silenced. If they
get older and aren’t as silenced, don’t like it anymore the threats to them have to get bigger. People
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