PSYCH 230 Lecture 17: Fall 2015

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7 Aug 2016
Risk assessment and treatment
Clinical judgements of risk
- 4 criteria for clinical expertise:
oAgree amongst themselves. Not perfect alignment but agreement
oDiffer from non-professionals. Should be accurate in coparison to other people.
Not anyone can walk off the street and make same diagnosis
oMake use of specialized procedures. Not just: “well look at him”
- Compared to highschool teachers. Clinicians:
oHad low levels of agreement amongst themselves
oWeighted information similarly to teachers. Greater importance to certain things,
but not using any kind of specialized procedures.
oAffected more by offense descriptions and offender history than by the
assessment data (same as teachers).
Clinical judgemenet of treatment
- 9 clinicians completed an assessment questionnaire for 200 remanded men
oAgreement on treatability, dangerousness and recommendations was moderate
oNo consensus for type of treatment. Ok well at least the previous things were
agreed upon but……
- Questionairres were completed immediately after 60 interdisciplinary case conferences
involving extensive group discussion. Completed questionairres immediately after group
discussion and still didn’t agree. Keep in mind this is very difficult work. If there is
disagreement it is because it is very complex. Making a diagnosis is a challenging thing
to do.
- Part of the explanation is the challenge. If it was easy we’d all agree
Actuarial prediction
Try to predict which type of person is more likely to reoffend.
- Use predictors statistically related to violent recidivism. If violent once, will they be
violent again. What are the predictors
- Clinicians expected dangerousness to be related to:
oA homicide offense. This makes sense
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