PSYCH253 Lecture Notes - Roll Ball, Body Language, Sexual Intercourse

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
University of Waterloo
PSYCH253- March 27 2013
Love, Closeness and Well- Being
Intimate Marketplace: Social Exchange
- Social exchange Theory
o Outcomes
Anything about relationship that results undesirable
experiences for the individual
Anything about relationship that results in undesirable
experiences for individual
Outcome = Rewards Costs
Ideal reward: cost ratio is at least 5:1
We seek relationships that provide best outcome
o Comparison Levels
What you think you deserve in your relationship
Outcomes CL = Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction
When CL is over Outcome =
How well you THINK you could do elsewhere
Outcome CL = Dependence/ Independence
When CLalt is over Outcome =
Investment Model
- Investments
o How much person puts into relationship that can’t be recovered if
relationship ends
o Direct
Time, effort, caring
o Indirect
Shared memories, mutual friends, shared possessions
Risk Regulation Model
- Trust
- Situation
- Threatened (?)
- Goal Accordance
o Self Protect Goal (Distrust Partner)
Escalate partner dependence (make partner depend on you
Withhold commitment (try not to be more vulnerable)
o Connect Goal (Trust)
Justify Commitment (try to reason why you trust them and is
committed to them)
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