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Lecture 11

PSYCH253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Rape Myth, Albert Bandura, Social Learning Theory

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Emiko Yoshida

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Chapter 10
“by 1990 kidnapping will be the dominant mode of social interaction” – Woody Allen
Belief that violence has increased in society
Ex. wars, genocides
Graph war-related deaths increases exponentially during the 19th to 20th century
Mis-representative doesn’t take population into account
Steven Pinker Youtube TED talk
Contradicts the text
Text says that violence is increasing over time
Pinker is saying that it is decreasing especially in the last few decades
General Aggression
What is Aggression?
Not the same thing as assertiveness
Hostile aggression: springs from anger, “heat of the moment” (ex. you insulted me, so I
will hit you)
Instrumental aggression: a means to an end (ex. deaths in a war)
Why do people do violent things?
o Testosterone correlated with aggression (and vice versa)
o Serotonin low levels found in violence prone people (and vice versa)
o Alcohol more alcohol leads to greater aggression and vice versa because
alcohol deindividuates and disinhibits
o **Biology and behaviour interact!**
Individual differences
o People with LSE (low self-esteem) lash out to make themselves feel better
(research has shown that LSE has nothing to do with aggression)
o Narcissism (type of high self-esteem) actually leads to agression
An inflated, and fragile, view of self
Obsessed with gaining the admiration and attention of others
Lower threshold for insults
Evidence Bushman & baumeister (2002)
Violent offenders in prison have higher narcissism scores than
Narcissists given a negative evaluation in the lab more
aggressive against evaluator
Sexual violence (especially date rape, not stranger rape)
Most likely to make self-serving interpretations
Low empathy
Inflated sense of entitlement
Reactance what happens when someone is denied something that
they want (ex. they want it more = aggressive acts)
Sense of entitlement + reactance = increased willingness to engage in
aggressive behaviour
Evidence do narcissistic men enjoy watching rape scenes?
Shown movie scenes: 3 conditions
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