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Lecture 3

PSYCH257 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Netflix

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Allison Kelly

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locations with limited internet connection ("Netflix Fourth Quarter 2016 Earnings
Interview."). Netflix claims that it is working to please the concerns of the people, and it does not
fall short of this claim. Marlee Tart, a Netflix spokeswoman told WIRED that due to consumers’
desire for this feature Netflix is working with global partners “to get downloading rights for the
bulk of the content on our service” (Alba). After the release of the feature, developers were
pleased to see that “offline viewing is the greatest in emerging markets” and users were content
with the convenience from this update (Alba). I have used this feature many times, and noticed
that the quality of the offline video is good and it is useful during long road trips. However, this
feature falls short since it is not offered on its website through laptops and desktop computers
("Netflix Fourth Quarter 2016 Earnings Interview"). Personally, I am not affected by this
downfall since I like using my phone to watch videos, but many people may find this
inconvenient if they use their laptops on a day to day basis. Watching videos without the hassle
to connect to internet increases customer satisfaction and the amount of subscribers to Netflix.
This shortcoming is not reflected in their earnings, according to statistics from Netflix on the
fourth quarter report in 2016, they generated 19.0 million net additional subscribers compared to
only 17.4 million in 2015 ("Netflix Fourth Quarter 2016 Earnings Interview"). Therefore, offline
viewing was a useful feature that increases the ease of navigating the app without internet
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