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PSYCH291 Lecture Notes - Agreeableness

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Joanne Wood

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Topics for complex
true experimental designs
*Within-Ss designs
*Factorial designs
*Effects in factorial designs
*Main effects
*Types of interactions
*Recognizing interactions
*In graphs
*In text
*Can have combinations of main effects and interactions
*But an interaction always implies that any main effect is moderated/qualified
Ratings of Manager’s Skill as a Function of Feedback Favourability and
Managers Gender
Types of Interactions
*Two PVs can interact in a variety of ways
*The important thing here is:
*To understand the ways that two variables can work together to produce
psychological outcomes
*To understand the logic behind the various interaction types
*not to memorize the names
Example of types of effects with 2 PVs
*Made-up example:
*DV = romantic attraction
*2 PVs
*PV = charisma
*PV = similarity in important attitudes and values
*We’ll arbitrarily label the PVs “A” and “B”
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