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Lecture 4

Rec 100: Lecture 4 - Gender and Leisure Complete Notes

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Fall 2011 Brandon Yee Gender and Leisure Recreation and Leisure Studies 100 September 29, 2011 Understanding Terms  On a macro (large) level of our society, we see that gender is evident in our social institutions, our work structures, and also some of our public policies  On a micro (individual) level we can see the gender nature of our society in our child rearing practices, our daily routines, our TV shows, and sports o Therefore, our leisure practices are also linked to gender Sex: biologically male or female Gender: “cultural connections associated with one’s biological sex” (Henderson, Bialeschki, Shaw, & Freysinger, 1996) How society determines roles and expectations for behaviour (based on your biological assignment of being a male or female Important to Remember… Between group differences Among (or within) group differences based upon age, social class, ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds Gender Differences in Leisure Behaviour: An Overview Generalities  Not all men and not all women behave the same Children and gender differences  Girls preferred unorganized play (boys like organized play)  Boys like playing with different things (blocks & toys vs. playing house) Many examples of research in this area 1 Fall 2011 Brandon Yee Study of cooperative, cross-sex behavior Gender-linked Differences in Toys, Television Shows, and Computer Games (Cherney & London, 2006) Purpose: To explore changes in children’s leisure preferences according to gender and age Methods: Surveys with 120 kids aged 5-13 years old with follow up interviews  This age, kids will have more freedom to choose what they do in their leisure time Leisure categories: Findings: Overall, boys spent more on leisure time (sports>tv>computer) Leisure composition for girls (tv>sports>computer) As age increased, all kids favoured more masculine themes in leisure, except girls showed a more feminine interest in TV shows  These forms of leisure has implications on how these kids develop  Ex. can influence the career choice of the kids in the future Parenting Magazines “Boys’ Stories: Is all that racing, wrestling, and rough housing just a guy thing?” Hoffman, 2005 “Raising boys, raising girls. What’s the difference?” Douglas, 2009 Example of Research: Gender and Time Researchers: Desaulniers & Theberge “Not interested in a change in work hours” “Interested in an increase in work hours for more pay” “Interested in decrease in hours for less pay” – 30% said this (both men and women) For those interested in a decrease in hours….. “Most important reason why” Females – “other things I have to do”  There are other things I have to do” (take care of children, chores at home) 47.1 women; 22% men Males – “other things I want to do” “There are other things I want to do” (travel, hobbies, sports) 38.8% women; 57.5% men 2 Fall 2011 Brandon Yee Two Main Themes Reproduction: leisure pursuits maintain or recreate gender roles or stereotypes Resistance: leisure pursuits challenge our assumptions about gender roles or stereotypes  Leisure is a context where we can break out of these gender expectations o Shaw, 2001 Leisure and Reproduction of Gender How gender influences leisure choices and activities People make leisure choices within a broad social and cultural context that communicates what types of leisure choices, experiences, and activities are appropriate Leisure, in this sense, reproduces gender roles and expectations Gendered Activity Participation  Some activities in society that we deem more appropriate for men or more appropriate for women  Metheny – sports sociologist o We do have very firmly established thoughts of what we think are appropriate sports/activities for men and women o Depends on physicality of the sport, bodily contact, and the aesthetic merit of the sport o This restricts/affects participation choice (men stick with what they think men do) o Our society is making changes (gender overlap in sports choices):  Danica Patrick – nascar racing  Patrick Chan – figure skating  Women doing body building M
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