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Lecture 14

Rec 100: Lecture 14 - An Introduction to Outdoor Recreation Complete Notes

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

An Introduction to Outdoor Recreation Bryan S. R. Grimwood BMH 2202 [email protected] Lecture objectives 1. Introduce and explain the concept of “outdoor recreation” 2. Introduce and explain outdoor recreation research and its relevance 3. Introduce outdoor recreation @ U Waterloo The concept of “Outdoor Recreation” • A popular activity and form of land/water use – 84.6% of Canadians participate in outdoor recreation – 94.5% of Americans participate in outdoor recreation at least once per year • So, what is outdoor recreation? • A general definition: – outdoor recreation is any “recreation that occurs outdoors in urban and rural environments” – can be refined by classifying activities into thematic groups -helpful for making management decisions/goals • Classification of activities • Land-based, water-based, snow- and ice-based (Cordell et al, 1999) • Consumptive vs non-consumptive (Mullins, 2009)  Consumptive - Consuming or extracting resources from the environment (fishing) • Appreciative-symbolic (e.g., sightseeing, backpacking)  Natural environment is primary source of satisfaction • Extractive-expressive (e.g., hunting, fishing)  “trophy” of things like hunting/fishing • Passive free-play (e.g., reading, picnics) • Social-learning (e.g., nature studies, interpretative walks)  Satisfaction isn’t based on activity itself, but experiencing the activity with other people (social) • Active-expressive (e.g., golf, swimming) (Hendee et al., 1971) • athletic/physical events • Problem: what distinguishes an outdoor recreation activity from leisure, sport, or tourism? – is golf outdoor recreation? -no because the outdoors (trees, water, sand) are considered hazards and aren’t positive parts of golf; also, they’re not the main focus of the activity – how about cycling? Cross-country skiing? • More specific definition: – outdoor recreation is “the voluntary participation in free-time activity that occurs outdoors and embraces the interaction of people and the natural environment” – emphasis is on INTERACTIONS, which are positive and that motivate participation -outdoor recreation is more than just recreation that takes place outside Outdoor recreation: intentions • Why outdoor recreation? What benefits are derived? – appreciation of nature – personal satisfaction and enjoyment (should be fun/positive experience) – physiological fitness – positive behaviour patterns – stewardship (exercise our morality) -children can be better informed of the world around them (and how to deal with outdoor situations) -inspires creativity -life long lessons and learning activities available through outdoor recreation (Plummer, 2009) • I would add at least one more: 6. identity construction/performance Outdoor recreation: experience A multi-phase experience: 1. Anticipation 2. Travel to site 3. On-site experiences and activities 4. Return travel 5. Recollection (pictures taken, memories/experiences) a. This fuels the anticipation for a future activity -loop back to “1. Anticipation” • Reveals linkages between outdoor recreation and tourism • Calls into question conventional thinking of when and where outdoor recreation takes place – Conventionally, outdoor recreation occurs at a particular time in a particular space – i.e., during physical presence at locations associated with public, private, or independent/not- for-profit sector – But, aspects of the experience may occur at home, at the office, en route, in the imagination, in memory – Outdoor recreation: experience • Brief recap… 1. The concept of “outdoor recreation”: • An activity • An intention • An experience “The voluntary participation in free-time activity that occu
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