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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Tourism: A Snap- shot Thursday November 8 th2012 Guest Presentation: Tom Griffin Introduction: • Definitions • Stakeholders • Impacts • Trends • Marketing Toronto • Volunteer Tourism What is tourism? • Travel • Freedom • Distance • Activities • Duration World Tourism Organization: “The activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes.” Non-Routine Organizations Motivators: Meetings, conferences, conventions, trade shows, incentive travel Pleasure: Vacation, Shopping, festivals, etc. **Visiting Friends of Relatives(VFR)** Tourism is Everywhere: •Is a restaurant or a museum tourism? •International exchange? •Christmas shopping in Toronto? •Oktoberfest? •Routine business trips? •Overlap can lead to both under and over estimates of importance Stakeholders • Tourists • Overnight • Same Day Visitors Same Day! • Also Grouped By: Activities, accommodation, vacation type, distance, origin, age etc • Employees • HR, sales & marketing, event planners, service, guides etc… 9.2% of workforce (1.6 million) • • More than construction, finance and education • Younger • More Females • Less educated • But more students • Less unionized (might suffer from lower wages) • More part time and seasonal (less stable, less vacation...) • But labour shortages are coming • Businesses • Large and Small • Global Corporations to mom and pop shops (99% are SME’s) SME: Small to Medium Size enterprises • • For example TUI, has 3500 travel agencies 120, aircraft, 12 hotels brands, 10 cruise liners=MASSIVE • Various Industries Transport accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment, marketing, con- • vention services... • Residents • May Benefit from infrastructure and improved economy • May Suffer from reduced resources and inconvenience • For example: Running with the Bulls, Many people are upset that tourists come to run with the bulls, as it is part of their heritage, and they are clum- sy • Top ten international destinations 1. France 1.1. Why? Surrounded by other populated rich countries. 2. U.S. 2.1. Such an iconic place with many destinations 3. China 3.1. Economy is very good, and the regions around it have done very well. 4. Spain 5. Italy 6. United Kingdom 7. Turkey 8. Germany 9. Malaysia 10. Mexico ................... 16. Canada Boundaries and peripheries are getting bigger and bigger Trend: International Tourism is growing and growing and growing. People are spend- ing more money, there will be more environmental and social impacts. Tourism Shift: Old New Fordist Post Fordist Modern Post Modern Mass Individual Packaged Unpackaged/ Flexible S’s (Sun, Sea, Sand, SEx) T’s (Traveling, Trekking) Unreal Real Irresponsible Responsible More “Push”
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