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Lecture 3

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
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REC 101
Katie Misner

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Lecture 3Social TrendsCommercial SectorCanadian Leisure Trends National PictureThe average time Canadians spent on leisure in 2005 was 55 hday between 1998 2005 daily average leisure time decreased GenderIn 2005 men spent more time than women on leisure pursuits Men spent on average 57 hday whereas women spent about 53 hday AgeOlder and younger adults tended to spend more time on leisure activities in 2005 while those in the prime working and childrearing years spent fewer hours on leisure per day Canadian and their LeisureCivic and voluntary activities 03hdaySocializing in homes 12hdaySocializing in restaurant 03hdayTelevision watching 25hdayActive leisure 11hday Aging Population If current trends continue the proportion of the population aged 65 and over will eventually surpass the number of Canadians under age 15 The first members of the baby boom reached the age of 65 in 20102011 Immigration Since 1993 the Canadian population has grown more from immigration than from natural increase Family Composition Traditional two parent and children households are down families with no children at home are up Commonlaw unions are up as are children now living with commonlaw parents Size of households has dropped in the last two decades Fewer people living in large households and a larger number of Canadians living alone Health Trends The proportion of obese children has nearly tripled in the last 25 yearsIncreases in both boys and girls and across all age groups except preschoolers
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