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Lecture 4

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Katie Misner

Lecture 4 – Commercial Branding Corporate Identity The cues offered by an organization both internally and externally (Through symbols, communication and behaviour). The idea or persona of the organization and how it’s represented to different audiences Meant to display the organization’s personality Why is Identity Important  Create awareness  Triggers recognition  Activates already stored images  Allows people to identify with an organization  Impacts consumer loyalty  Business enhancement Three Kinds of Corporate Identity 1. Monolithic 2. Endorsed 3. Branded Monolithic Identity  Associated with organizations where the entire company uses the same visual style, logo, etc.  Everything in the identity mix is the same for all products and divisions.  Ex. Great Wolf Lodge Endorsed Identity  Associated with organizations whose subsidiaries have their own style and distinction, but the parent company is still visible in the background  Ex. Westin Hotels and Resorts Branded Identity  The organization has a number of brands, or products and it is nearly impossible to know who the parent company is.  Ex. Cedar Fair Image Composite psychological impression that can change based on the organization’s situation or media portrayal. Perception in the mind of a consumer/client rather than reflection of actual or desired state of the organization Image is fluid and can change easily Corporate Image/Brand A
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