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Lecture 7

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Katie Misner

Lecture 7 – Social Media and Relationships Different Internet Users Sell a product or service through internet only. E.g., Supplemental channel “click and mortar” firms. E.g., Technical support after sales support. E.g., Embellish existing service traditional service augmented by website. E.g., Process orders convenient way to order services. E.g., Convey information about an organization or an issue. E.g., Communicate with membership facilitates information exchange for members. E.g., Pay games outlet for entertainment. E.g., What is social media? Online collection of strategies, practices, and tools for communicating, creating, sharing, and discussing information. Connects people who would otherwise be unconnected if it were not for the tech medium. Ex. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… You (18-24yrs) account for 53.8% of Facebook activity Brand & Social Media Use social media to deliver on four basics: 1. Offering and communicating a clear customer promise 2. Building trust by delivering on the promise 3. Continually improving the promise 4. Innovating beyond the familiar Customer Relations and Social Media 1. Develop a formal social media policy
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