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Lecture 9

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Katie Misner

Lecture 9 – Profile of the NP Sector Structural Operational Definition Organized  Structured and regularity to operations E.g., regular meetings, membership, procedures for decision making  Membership, procedures for decision making includes informal and formal groups. Private  Institutionally separate from government (even though they may receive gov’t funds Not profit distributing  Not primarily commercial in purpose  Don’t distribute profits to a set of directors, stockholders, or managers  Can generate profit, but must be reinvested in the objectives of the organization Self-governing  Have their own mechanisms for internal governance Voluntary  Membership or participation in them is not compulsory or coerced Inclusive Definition  Informal and formal sense of structure i.e. boundaries  Religious and secular  Organizations with paid staff and volunteers expressive and service functions Functions Service: Involve the direct delivery of service such as education, health, housing, economic development, etc. Expressive: Involved activists that provide avenues for the expression of cultural, spiritual, professional, or policy values, interests, and beliefs How are they unique from commercial and public sector? 1. Organizational mission and values 2. Organizational goals and strategic priorities 3. The use of volunteers 4. The governance practices of the Board of Directors Several terms NPS is also known as the - Charitable sector - Third sector - Civil society sector - Community based organizations Legal Position Formation, operation, and dissolution is governed by provincial law Granting of charitable status is handled at the federal level charitable status: they are able to issue tax receipts. Charitable or Non charitable Charitable Formally registered with Canada
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