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Lecture 10

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Katie Misner

Lecture 10 – Leadership and governance What is Leadership?  To motivate, influence others toward organizational goal achievement  Interpersonal process  Power is the basis of a leader’s influence  Normal and informal leaders o Our focus is formal e.g., coach, board chair, manager Leadership is also an organizational process of the internal work environment. Leader -> Outcomes Leading vs. Managing Lead the People  Establish direction vision, produce change  Align people  Communicate direct  Motivate & INSPIRE  Create, innovate, and collaborate. Manage the Organization  Plan and budget  Organize and staff  Control and problem solve  Produce order  Policies, procedures, efficiency, monitoring Did your most recent boss/ supervisor lead or manage? - Would you prefer more leadership (providing a vision for the organization) or more management (looking after daily operations)? 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership  Model the way – Model behaviour they expect of others  Inspire shared vision – visions and dreams of what could be  Challenge the process – Change from status quo, step into unknown  Enable others to act – Foster collaboration and build trust (we vs. I)  Encourage the heart – Recognize and celebrate people and victories Leadership and Governance  Governance provides a structure for leadership in organizations.  Concerned with t
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