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Lecture 14

Lecture #14 - Grant Seeking Typed Filled in notes for lecture 14 - unit 2- Grant Seeking - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have provided a filled in lecture note, plus extra comments if any

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Troy Glover

Grant Seeking REC 101 October 28, 2009 Note: Differences fund development vs grant seeking ( will be in the exam and will trick us ) Fundraising Sources: Corporations; board members; other foundations; special events; government Grant Seeking  A systematic, logical process for articulating needs and matching those needs with the goals and qualifications of a granting agency o Make sure there is a match, a granting agency has initiatives and must be ment Types of Foundations 1. Independent Foundations o Usually created by an individual or family through bequest funds ( not always )  E.g Bill and Malinda gates to support various causes  Bequest fund: Money left behind after people pass away  Wealthy people leaving money o Assets are invested o Investments generate revenue used to fund grants o Usually has a board of directors Note:  Philanthropic Foundations of Canada: a national membership organization for Canada’s independent grant making foundations o Total number of members 73 o Manage 4.6 billion o Granted $167 million o Percentage of total grants: Education receives over a quarter of these grants 27%  Other: arts & culture 9, environment 17.2%, Health 14%, international aid , social services  Steve Nash foundation: well-being of children , so not for adults 2. Community Foundations o Locally-run, autonomous public foundations  Autonomous: independent  Public: they are serving the public at large , which focus on the community o Build and manage endowment funds to support local charitable activities o Governed by volunteer board of local leaders  They might do some Fund development: have individuals donate for their community Note: Community foundations of Canada Three Roles of Community foundations 1. Endowment building/donor Service i. Pools charitable gifts to create income- earning , funds , and connects donors with issues 2. Grand making I. Uses income earned by invested funds to give grants 3. Community Convening & leadership a. Brings community members together to identify and address local issues Note :  scope of the community foundations is the community only. These foundations are specific and which they will grant to.  Population served: Support 75% of Canadians (25 million)  Increase in the past 10 years in number of community foundations  They get their revenue from: cash donations ( largest chunk ), government; independent foundations ( foundations give other foundations) ; bequest funds; transfers from private foundations and shares ( adds to financial portfolio ) Example: Burlington Foundation: Burlington people building resources locally to support local initiatives and resolve local issues concerns, Focus on: health & social services & others IMPORTANT: Foundations support is all about the match 3. Corporate Foundations o Linked to a corporation  Arm’s length to the
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