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Lecture 15

Lecture #15 - Not-for-profit Sector Challenges and Opportunities Typed Filled in notes for lecture 15 - unit 2- Not-for-profit Sector Challenges and Opportunities - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I ha

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Troy Glover

Not-for-profit Sector Challenges and Opportunities REC 101 November 5, 2010 Issues that Affect Future Vitality  Struggling with external environment and internal capacity to fulfill mission o Not be able to secure grant funding because of the competitive environment o People are not donating as much as before  Tracking economic contributions and inputs o ( e.g private giving & volunteer time )  Sector is beginning to be recognized as a crucial contributor to quality of life in Canada o More recently the NFP organization were recognized for their social contributions Immediate Organizational Challenges  Reductions in funding o In terms of government support and grants available  Need to compete for funding o Number of charitable organization have increased, so they are competing on the pool of grants  Move toward project funding instead of general support for organizational activities  Restriction of funding to costs with little provision for infrastructure or overhead o Project specific expenses  Shortening in the length of time for which funding is provided o Short term with view -> it is hard to secure long term grants  Mandated collaboration with other organizations o The sectors are connecting and partnering o E.g lecture talk -> the building that is being built and contributed by the university operated by the YMCA and other contributions  Increasing requirements for financial accountability o Make it time consuming and expertise in respect of the staff Implications for Management  Makes strategic planning difficult o Since most of the funding is short term  Creates constant staff turnover o Lead to employee and customer dissatisfaction  Increases administrative burden o Because of the accountability and other challenges Implications for Organizations  Becoming cost-efficient extensions of government o Government saves money by out sourcing services to the NFP se
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