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Lecture 2

Lecture #2 - Canadian Social Trends Filled in notes for lecture 2 - unit 1 Canadian Social Trends The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have provided a filled in lecture note, plus extra comments if an

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Troy Glover

Canadian SocialTrends REC 101 September 18,2009 Leisure Time in Canada: The average time Canadians spent on leisure in 2005 was 5.5* hours per day • Between 1998 and 2005, daily average leisure time ^ (w ry. S.?houts/cUy) (s4houa/d*«) In 2005, men spent fhofl-i time than women on leisure pursuits Older and younger adults tended to spend molLE. time on leisure activities in 2005 ed / cU-'»l«A l-tan^a c^arS, sp-toT \J^ l/\es. . on, How do Canadiansspend their Time? Total work = 7.J9_ hours/day Unpaid work = 3. V hours/day Personal care = IQ. (a hours/day Free time = ^ • % hours/day Aging Population (d r\w r\ by Ipwbi-) ^> ^ oppor-t-arvA-Us -fo r yovwrvci p«.oipc. jo b \A/\ c u r r e n t * '^ trends conlinue, the proportion of the population aged 65and pop(A,U rtar^flis^on o'.H over will eventually surpass the number of Canadians underage 15, as ^ O fi >ol> tn e rst loe >in the last two decades people living in large householdsand a laVAiO. number of Canadians living alone -> serv-toa, 4r-e.r\d =• speed olo.4'ir»q j i A. i i ij la L. jj ." i j • • \or\.e, - p«a.t-t,nTno U stA o la s ^"-H ^-IC tvvfi-Tiw\£ Orrva a ( ijpoZaJoIt I«.COTYV€- 4o par4^Cip-acrfi. *iv\ le.tSu.v-c, Health Trends: Obesity -tnon • 2 OLJt °f3 adults in Canada are overweight orobese . ^Pi4- • Theproportion of
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