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Lecture 6

REC101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Cedar Fair, Great Wolf Resorts, Kings Dominion

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Troy Glover

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Commercial Branding
REC 101
October 1, 2010
Point of lecture : everything about an organization communicates
Note : Mcdonalds is the biggest provider of playground spaces
Corporate Identity
The cues offered by an organization both internally and externally through symbols,
communication, and behavior
The idea of the organization and how it is represented to different audiences
Why is Identity Important?
Creates awareness ( people know about your organization put it out there )
Triggers recognition ( recognize the company from their symbols )
Activates already stored images ( e.g nike and mcdonalds )
Allows people to identify with an organization
Three Kinds of Corporate Identity
Monolithic Identity
Associated with organizations where the entire company uses the same visual style, logo etc
Everything in the identity mix is the same for all products and divisions
E.g : great wolf lodge ( Niagara falls Canada )
Endorsed Identity
Associated with organizations whose subsidiaries have their own style and distinction, but
the parent company is still visible in the background
E.g if Disney bought great wolf lodge
Fairmount hotels & resort ( each location has its own identity )
Branded Identity
The organization has a number of brands, or products, and it is nearly impossible to know
who the parent company is
E.g : cedar fair entertainment company -> Canada’s wonderland , kings dominion
Canada’s wonderland is the branded identity
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