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Lecture 10

Lecture #10 - Profile of the Not-for-profit Sector in Canada Typed Filled in notes for lecture 10 - unit 2 Profile of the Not-for-profit Sector in Canada - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have pro

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Troy Glover

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Profile of the Not-for-profit Sector in Canada
REC 101
October 15, 2010
Other Names for Not-for-profit: Third Sector Civil society voluntary
Structural-Operational Definition
1. Organized
Structure & regularity to operations
o E.g regular meetings, membership, procedure for decision making
Includes informal & formal group
2. Private
Institutionally separate from government ( even though they may receive
government funding ) Note: that commercial is also sometimes private
3. Not profit-distributing
Not primarily commercial in purpose ( but can go into wage increases )
Do not distribute profits to a set of directors , stockholders, or managers
4. Self-governing
Have their own mechanisms for internal governance
5. Voluntary
Membership or participation in them is not compulsory or coerced
Inclusive Definition
Informal & formal
Religious & secular ( not religious )
Organizations with paid staff & volunteers
Expressive & service functions
Functions ( know for the exam )
- Involve the direct delivery of service such as education, health, housing, economic
development, etc.
- Involves activities that provide avenues for the expression of cultural, spiritual,
professional, or policy values, interests, and beliefs
E.g: Rec is service & expressive, it is expressive but it needs to justify that it offers community
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