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Lecture 11

Lecture #11 - Social Entrepreneurship Typed Filled in notes for lecture 11 - unit 2 Social Entrepreneurship - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have provided a filled in lecture note, plus extra com

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Troy Glover

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Social Entrepreneurship
REC 101
October 18, 2010
Festival of neighborhoods
Idea developed by a local businessman and an community activist
Encourages neighbors to connect on a social level
Random draw for $10,000 neighborhood improvement grant
A social entrepreneur is a person with qualities and behaviors we associate with a business
entrepreneur, BUT who operates in the community and is more concerned about caring and helping
than with making money
Four-stage Process of Social Entrepreneurship:
1. Envisioning
Clarifying a need, gap, and opportunity
2. Engaging
Engaging the opportunity with a mind to doing something about it
3. Enabling
Ensuring something happens by acquiring the proper resources
4. Enacting
* Championing and leading the project to a satisfactory conclusion
- Nothing to prevent these roles from being split and shared ( different individuals involved in
different phases )
- double bottom line -> social and economic | triple bottom line -> add environment
Why Do People Give Back to their Communities?
- Altruism
Three Components of altruism ( exam question )
o It implies either an explicit motive or an explicit intent to improve someone else’s
o It implies action
( not only by talk , you need to do )
o Altruistic behavior can possibly diminish an individual’s own well-being while
simultaneously enhancing someone else’s
( it might be the case that you don’t add anything to the situation, or even
take away from it )
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