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Lecture 12

Lecture #12 - Volunteer Management & Co-production Typed Filled in notes for lecture 12 - unit 2 Volunteer Management & Co-production - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have provided a filled in le

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Troy Glover

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Volunteer Management & Co-production
REC 101
October 20, 2010
Note: 80/20 A small amount of people are doing a lot of volunteering , also youth, university
degrees, households over 100,000 and who attended religious services weekly
Also people with low income and old people
The Top Three Reasons for Volunteering
1. To make a contribution to the community
o ( altruism or collective identity )
2. To use one’s skills and experiences
o ( exchange theory or selective incentive )
3. Being affected by the cause supported by the organization
o ( collective identity or selective incentive or exchange theory )
Organizational Arrangements for Managing Volunteer Programs
1. Ad-hoc vs. On-going
2. Centralized vs. De-centralized
3. Staffing of organization from employee or volunteer
Retention: Focus on Positive experience
A “working partnership” between an agency and a grassroots association to develop, operate,
and maintain a service
Definition of a Grassroots Association: 2
“…significantly autonomous, formal nonprofit groups that use the associational form or structure,
that are volunteer run and composed essentially of volunteers as analytical members, and that have
a relatively small local scope (i.e., locally based)” – D. H. Smith (2000, p. ix).
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