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GUEST SPEAKER #1 Extra notes from what the speaker taught about, perfect for the guest speaker assignment!

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Troy Glover

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What makes it possible to build a career?
->you need to know something
->you need to be able to communicate
->you need to be passionate about what you know
->you must be able to sell
->believe in what you do
->value proposition
->you need to have a plan, $$$ and a team behind you
->2005 business planning started
->2006 TechTown constructed- 60,000sf building
->2007 Columbia Lake Health Club opened- 30,000sf health club
->had to learn really, fast but with the experience she could put it together
->destination of building
go big or go home
->find the right staff
->use resources ,partner with other people who have the similar values
Differentiate my business
-?make it a great customer experience
->listen to what the customer wants- this started as the basis for the business
-> provide something new in a very comfortable setting
->make the experience personal
->bring other services to save time
->contribute to the community with fundraising activities, free seminars, and co
mmunity building
Tough Decisions
->stay ahead by innovating
->keep increasing the competence of the management team
->ALWAYS use numbers to determine what
s not working and try something new
->change the program until you get it right
->be willing to work 70 hours a week
Make what you do matter
->be a great employee
->be passionate in whatever rle you have
->help solve a problem, fill a gap, provide a unique offering and it has to be p
->learn from others
->be careful with partners
->have more money available than you ever could have imagine you would need
->think strategically
Take from the field
->differentiate yourself form others by in corporating your passion
->be prepared to keeping learning, formally or not
->be patient with you career- you never know where its going to lead and enjoy w
hat you can do
->take calculated risks and always have a backup plan
->understand how business works before you try to build one
->find mentors as soon as you can as you never know when that experience will be
of value
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