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guest speaker #2 extra notes, dates, and a summary of what the guest speaker was talking/teaching about. great for guest assignment!

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Troy Glover

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-> Amanda B. (entrepreneur/ active musical director and voice instructor)
->Owns a voice studio for private lessons, and founder of the singers theater
-> started as a music student , studying music performance, was a singer/actor
-> had a cist on vocal cord; refrained her from singing/performing
->brought her into a totally different way of working her life
->enjoyed teaching, found a new interest in
vocal problems
start with an idea
I have students I want them to sing more
-> look at strength and weaknesses
-> What do I want to say ?
a good strong quality vibe
->Who do I want to attract?
not professional actors, just amateurs
-> What is my personal criteria?
for the shows, not really popular shows, but sma
ll choices that I make to maintain the quality
-> Getting a license
-> Securing a venue
->Considering your actors
some years will have better voices than others, therefo
re you have to considering who you have in terms of what shows you will perform
Developing and Managing a Budget
make sure I have the funding first, and the kids in the workshop
-> choose your priorities
rather have a nice venue than extravagant costume
->secret: simplify!!
->Be sure about your funding
never count on ticket sales
How to find and keep good people
-> Don
t take them for granted- especially volunteers- make them a priority
-> Finding people - and keeping them
-> Learning how to be a listener and a leader
Moral; follow your gut and your strengths
Success: doing what I love to do, being surrounded with talented people, being i
n the theater, having a family. *but don
t make a lot of money, not about making m
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