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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 100
Adam Stewart

Jain metaphysics: Three principle categories of existence: =Things that possess a soul (jiva)and sentience =Things that do not possess a soul =Thing that have neither a soul nor a material form (space, rest, time..) Jains teach a dualistic worldview: = view the soul’s freedom from the effects of karma and attachment to material things as the ultimate state of perfection There is no heaven, no union with Absolute Reality, just freedom from matter. Jain Puja: =Jain practive devotion to the Tirthankaras, other Jinas deities, and teachers. =look similar to Hindu rituals but are different. ----Do not expect a blessing. Puja is an act of renunciation. ----Jain images are simply icons to focus meditation. The Sangha: -the Jain Sangha(community) is comprised of 4 components Sadhus(monks) Sadhvis(nuns) Sravakas (laymen) Sravias (laywoman) Pull out the hair, or shave the hair. Becoming a renouncer requires initiation: =pulling out one’s hair =Adopting a robe--Shvetmbara or abandoning clothes--digambara =Receiving a fly-whisk to brush away insects. A new name Renounces also commit themselves to the five great vows(mahavrats) 1.Ahimsa: follow the path of non violence and non injury for all living beings 2.satya: to always speak the
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