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Religious Studies
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Adam Stewart

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Religious studies 100 Jan 29 Jainism Introducing Jainism -Jain: follower of a Jina -Jinas: “conquerors” also known as Tirthankaras “ford-makers” -Not god or goddesses, but enlightened spirituals teachers. -Jinas have activated teachings that bridge communities of renounces and lay followers creating a tirtha (ford) across worldly existence leading to moksha from samsara. Don’t believe the existence of deities. Three basic assumptions Karma Shape people’s soul. Karma=action. Bad moral influence. Melts the karma in your soul. Burning karma. Ahimsa(non-violence) Most well-known for. Extremely focus on non-violence. killing of any living things accumulate karma. Even killing plants. Even starving don’t eat animal. Jan renouncers wear a vell in their mouth, X swallow insects. Carry a broom while they walk in case they step on the bugs. Self-reliance (quite different from hindulism and buddism) No deity can save people from samsara. Not Worship deity. Source to focus on medication. Founded by mahavira (great hero) in the 500BCE (may be the same person as Budda) Mahavira was the last in a line of 24 Jinas Jains reject the vedas, ritual sacrifice and caste Best known for ahimsa and their attempt not to harm jivas(活物)also refers to the soul. 3.35 million Jains in total. Mostly India. 100,000 in diaspora. Monk take a vow. Travel far away is harming other beings. Consequences could harm another living being. -Born 599 BCE, contemporary of the Buddha: Life story paralles the buddha’s Born a prince in the royal family of king Siddhartha and queen Trishala In some versions of the story he marries a woman Yashoda and has a daughter Priyadarshana. At age 30, became a renouncer Adopted intense asceticism, nudity begging, no bathing no defense against animal. After about 12 years, he achieved nirvana (enlightenment) He became the Jina “the conqueror” of the effects of karma and samsara. Mahavira preached his doctrine of salvation for 30 years, and died at age of 72 in 527BCE: Other claim he died in 467BCE Mahariva attra
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