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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 100
Adam Stewart

Sikhism: Introducing Sikhism: = Fusion of Hinduism and Islam =Founder, Nanak, born in the Punjab =most Sikhs live in India =approximately 25 million Sikhs today. =Islamic presence in the Punjab since 712, but became dominate in the 11 -Muslim rulers generally intolerant, destroyed temples and sacred images -This changed with the Mughal dynasty founded by Babar -The Mughal’s were initially tolerant of religious diversity, engaged in debate and dialogue. th British, 19 , X tolerance culture. Kabir and Sant Tradition: = Nanak 1469-1539 infulenced by the ideas of Kbir 1440-1518 -Kabir rejected the Quran and Vedas and believed that loving devotion to God and repetition of God’s name were most important =The Sant “saint” tradition was influenced by both Hindu and Muslim-Sufi ideas -both emphasized the oneness of God and the nedd for loving………………. Nanak: Born in 1469 in the Punjab: - Aheardman and later civil servant - At 30, god was revealed to him as the true name - Began to spread the message of the one god - Nanak believed that the religious distinctions held by his contemporaries were irrelevant: - “there is no Hindu or Muslim ” Embarked on a 20 year mission in India: - Joined by his faithful friend Mardana - Visited religious sites important for Hindus and Muslims and sharing news about the true name - Nanak wore hindu and muslim clothing - Nanak composed numerous hymn from which came the core of the sikh holy book the adi granth - Returned with Sikhs (disciples) and settled in kartarpur Sikhism adopted a Punjabi cultural character: - Nank adopted new forms o
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