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Religious Studies
RS 100
Adam Stewart

Religious studies Hindu Epics: Composed between 500BCE-400CE -The Ramayana -The Mahabharata The mahabharata contains the bhagavad Gita (the Gita) . Song of the lord Referred to as smrti (that is remembered) - In practice, they are the most important texts for Hindus, treated as divinely revealed and often called the “Fifth Veda.” The ramayana tells a story of prince being expel from the country. Companied by his wife Sita. {Check the textbook for details} Sita, wife. Adopted. Rama, the prince. ideal husband. Sita Ideal wife, remain love,strong woman, Monkey kingdom,---Hanamon. ideal friend. Rama--Shiva. The Mahabharata -100,000 verse long, X3 bible’s length -chronicles the war between two groups -Main characters are: -Nearly invincible warrior Arjuna -Arjuna’s charioteer friend, Krishna The Bhagavad Gita: dialogue. - 18 short chapters within the Mahabharata - Arjuna X want to fight - Krishna attempts to persuade Arjuna to fight - Arjuna question the morality of war - Krishna , Ok to fight for just cause(if this is your goal, rightness.) - The Gita has served as important source of inspiration for many. The Bhagavad Gita: Three yoga, (paths, way)to liberation. Know true nature of self and god  Jnna yoga , way of knowledge. > Not enough to read  Karma yoga, way of action. > unselfish, also important  Bhkti yoga, way of devotion> most important? Surrender to the deity. Sounds western. Similar with Christian. Important before and now. pick 1 deity , worship, devote. Could gain even material success Philosophical Schools and Law Books: -Vedanta. All sorts of different course. School. Gita brahma Sutras. Upanishad. -Shankara. 800CE. Reality >Brahman is non- dualistic (advaita). Human soul is one with this reality Atman is Brahman Hindulism=Don’t know what’s happening. Christian= God all powerful . Semi dualistic None dualistic. No good evil. Rational. Release from Karma. Cycle . All the same. Soul is part of reality. -LIBERATION OCCURS WHEN SOUL IS PART OF ULTIMATE REALIT. - Dharma Shastras are important. Collection of smriti hindu texts - Law of Manu thoroughly defined the Hindu class system - Include other instructions such as which certain people should marry, eat. - How to perform ritual. - Likely never fully obeyed. Ideal than reality Classical Hinduism -during the Gupta empire 320-540CE Hinduism flourished during the classical period -Puranas .ancient writing written from 300-1000CE -Shifted the focus away from older, Vedic deity to Shiva Vishnu and Devi - Reflect the rise of bhakti traditions in Hinduism, loving devotion to a deity. HINDU COSMOGONY!!!!- Creation of universe 1. Vishnu lies on Sasha.. ~.infinite. Servant. Where Vishnu lives and rests Fall aleep. Holding a lotus and a god [Brama]//coming out of Vishnu Created ----preserved ----destroyed----created``` Our world all in his dream. Brahma create 4world yoga: - Satya yuga . age of truth ,best, - Treat yuga , age of reason, - The Duapara Yuga, age of greed, - The kali yuga, age of darkness. Kali is the god of destruction
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