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Religious Studies
RS 100
Doris Jakobsh

Religious StudiesPost Modern Studies and religion self interpretation bend beliefs and standards of religion Ie sex before marriage is okay questions timeless truths universal truths Only becomes relative now no absolute truths dealing with religion What is it that I believe and why do I believe it only because priest told me IS it essential to my being a chrsitian buddist etc real religionculture and religion is a societial phenomenonIs it just what is in the Quran A more workable definition an attempt to discover describe and explain the primary expressions of the religious life of a communityrequiring the us disciplines and methodsOF RELIGIOUS STUDIES there is not one way look at religion look through anthropology histyry etc Religion Basic Concepts Sacred what ppl set apart as extraordinary inspires awe reverence fear ex stained glass in cathedral for others brith of child or walkig woodsset up to individual interpretationProfane ordianary elements of lifeRitual formal ceremonial behaviour walking around sacred fire at Hindu wedding prayers formaliziedFaith belief anchored in conviction rather than scientific evidencechoose to believe contrarie to scientific fact ex Jesus born of virginAspects of Religion History and DevelopmentHistorical Foundations and growthBranches divisions and demographicsBeliefs and PractisesScriptural and oter foundational textsTheological ethical teachingsLiturgical and spriritual practises meditation and prayerStrcutures and RelationshipsOrganization and leadership formal head Who leads itInternal rules what happens to ppl inside
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