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Way of Torah Lecture on Torah

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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

The Way of Torah Tuesday September 21 2010Freedom is a curse forced to be free Existentialist theory It is your responsibility to do what you wantCommandments and freedom belong together Creation of humanity not meant for God to control everyone like puppets humans are given freedom of choice based on moral sense Way of Torah was a way to grant freedom with limits and responsibilityhave freedom to follow them or not and it is restrictive because one must bare consequences if the laws are brokenTORAHLaw instruction Way of Life Life under TorahRenewal of Covenant Deuteronomy 7614 Predicated on keeping the way of Torah Three components to the covenants between the people and God365 negative commandments prohibitions something you should not do everyday of the year248 positive commandments related to the limbs of the bodyTOTAL613 positivenegative commandments Act of
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