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Jewish Beliefs Concepts of God, Human Nature, Jewish Festivals, Rabbinic Judaism

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Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110001 Religions of the West Jewish Beliefs Concepts of God Thursday September 23 2010 Monotheism must be Transcendent or ontologically uniqueAgainst Baal Asherah Canaanite gods or earth fertility cultsElohim our God YHWH TetragrammatonAdnoai my Lord ImmanenceEl Shaddai God of Mountains ExaltedEl Makom God as presenceEl Kadosh The Holy OneEl Rahum The MercifulNames of God Jewish Beliefs Human Nature Core of Judaism The Good of CreationFallenness of HumanityEvilGood Inclination Yezer hatovharaNo Original SinRepentance to confess rectify not to repeat pray for forgivenessSalvation by GraceCovenantCommunityDivine JudgmentRestoration of IsraelMessiah Jewish Festivals Rosh Hashanah New Year 10 days laterYom Kippur day of Atonement 5 days later Sukkoth Feats of Booth Tabernaclesit lasts seven days Last day Simhat Torah Rejoicing in Torah PassoverPesach50 days laterShavuoth PentecostHanukkah Dedication Festival of Ligh
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