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Parallel Development Zionism, Modern Groupings of Judaism (Conservative, Reform, Orthodox...)

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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110101 Lecture 7 Parallel Development Thursday September 30 2010ZIONISM rejection of enlightenment thought not set against freethinking The renewed idea of a Jewish stateRejection in the Diaspora fact that Jew live scatteredResponse to Enlightenment Example Jews in Berlin Looking at the Torah objectivelycritically AcculturatedAssimilatedAdoption of new environment easiest way to lose old traditions Theodor Herzel 18601904Father of modern ZionismViennese journalistFamily was highly acculturatedWitnessed antisemitic Dreyfus trial in ParisWrote The Jewish State in 1896Zionist ideal was nationalistic and secular not religiousAt one point considered Argentina as possible land for Jewish state Idea of Zionism was against political corruptionSecular and natural reasonsprotect Judaism from antisemitismMartin Buber 18781965 th Most important 20 century Jewish philosopherStudied philosophy and psychology in Vienna Zurich and Berlin Influenced by grandfather Solomon B HasidicProfessor in Frankfurt until 1933
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