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Christianity Intro Life of Jesus, Teachings of Jesus, Faith, Difference between Judaism and Christianity

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Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110101 Lecture 8 Christianity Tuesday October 12 2010 ChristianityThe Way of the CrossHoly Scriptures Old Testament 39New Testament 27 SelfDisclosureRevelation Hermeneutics Interpretation Understanding text in our own context Translating Interpreting the Bible can cause division within the religion JESUS OF NAZARETHFounder of the Christian faith religionSource synoptic GospelsMatthew Mark Luke and the gospel of John Mark oldestshortest gospel ca 70 CE Judaism destruction of templeMatthewLuke 90s CE used Mark as one source plus one other usually referred to as Q Historical VerificationLife of Jesus 4 BCEca 30 33 CEBethlehem Egypt Nazareth Jerusalem Galilee JudeaSon of Joseph and MaryCarpenter or stoneworkerAt around 30 became itinerant preacher walked in regions of Galilee and preached Followers called disciplesTaught message that challenged religious authoritiesfriend of social outcasts Crucified under Pontius
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