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Early Christianity The church, Arius vs. Athanasius
Early Christianity The church, Arius vs. Athanasius

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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110101 Lecture 10Early Christianity Tuesday October 19 2010 Torah has no soteriological significanceSplit between Judaism and Messianic Jews into Judaism and Christianity nd Gnostic Heresy 2 centuryo Cosmic dualism between good and evil o Physical world is evil human body is evil o Human being has spiritual dimension but entrapped in body o Salvation is through gnosis knowledge that ignites the divine spark Church fathers teachers early theologians bishops Marcion 85160 CEExcommunicated from Church in Rome in 144 for his actions kicked out Rejected Hebrew Bible and only accepted nonJewish aspects of New Testament Initiate the process of canonization 200000 people believing what he says preaching in Turkey Marcion says teaching of Christ isnt the same as Tanakh dualism between old testament and new testament150 Affirmation of Faith circulated the Apostles Creed Verse THE CHURCHAs the ONE Body of ChristAs Christ existing as community
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