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The Reformation Martin Luther, Post-Reformation, Social Awareness

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Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110101 Lecture 12 The Reformation 1500s Tuesday October 26 2010 Renaissance idea of thinking for yourself Roman Catholic Church told you how to thinklead by the PopeMartin Luther 14831546Martin Luther 14831546Augustinian monk degree in lawVisited Rome in 1510 Studied theology professor at Wittenberg Tower experience Romans 32124 justification from sin by grace in faith sola gratia et fide Indulgences venial accidental sins and mortal sinspay to have sins forgivenbuying way into Heavenmakes the Pope very wealthyLuther wrote 95 theses in 1517 and nailed at the gate of the university he worked ato Desire to bring to light about the truth of indulgences o The Pope has neither the power to rimed guilt Realized that in Christian tradition that grace is given by Godnothing you could do can buy your salvation Luther saw selling indulgence as theological nonsense Excommunicated by the
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