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The Christian Liturgical Year Practices in Christian Faith, Modernity, Modern Theology

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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110101 Lecture 13 The Christian Liturgical YearTuesday November 2 2010 Advent beginning of the Christian year four Sundays before ChristmasLatin Coming of JesusChristmas celebration of birth of Messiah Nothing to do with celebrating the birth of JesusEpiphany AppearsComing of Jesus and remembering His birthLent focuses on death and resurrection of Jesus 40 days before EasterAsh Wednesday Good Friday crucifixion of Jesusmost holy dayEaster Jesus return to liferesurrection Pentecost Giving of Gods spirit TWO KEY PRACTICES IN THE CHRISTIAN FAITHBaptismo Child Baptism act of entire community and parents believe that Gods grace will affect the child Faith of the child is not perquisiteo Adult Baptism adult have to decide on their own Eucharist Lords Supper Communion Passovero Sign sacraments believe that these are signs of Gods invisible grace o Symbol Jesus saying during Passover Bread body Wine blood MODERNITYTextual Criticismo Scientific questioning of biblical
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