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Islam Intro Origin, Pre-historical Islam, Muhammad, Islam Belief

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Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110101 Lecture 14 Islam Tuesday November 9 2010The Way of SubmissionORIGINS OF ISLAM IslamRoot sIm means submissions surrenderSIm may also mean salam peaceMuslimOne who submits on their own to the will of Allah o Inanimate plants and natureanimal life is Muslim by nature o Human beings are Muslim by will obedienceProfession of faith shahadah I bear witness that there is no god except God and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of GodTwo Muslim witnesses Not Mohammadan MuselmanNo worship of Muhammad THE STUDY OF ISLAM The Quran KoranRecitationRepeat Written in Arabic cannot be translated114 Surahs SourcesQuranrelatively little biographical information about MuhammadHadithprophetic written legal traidtion believed to be divinely inspired sometimes compared to oral Torah origin in 8th centurySunnahleast important tradition practices about Muha
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