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Modern Islam Modern Islam, Islam today

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Religious Studies
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RS 110
Peter Frick

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RS  110  –  101:  Lecture  19    Modern  Islam     Tuesday,  November  30,  2010     The  Muslim  Brotherhood   -­‐ Started  in  Egypt  by  Hasan  al-­‐Banna  (1906-­‐1949)  an  Egyptian  schoolteacher   -­‐ Aim  was  to  bring  Islam  to  the  world  ad  establish  a  network  of  social,  economic     -­‐ Rejected  women’s  liberation,  capitali st  democracy,  Western  forms  of  entertainment  and   styles  of  dress   -­‐ Al-­‐Banna  was  assassinated  in  1949       Islam  Today   -­‐ Important  question  for  the  world-­‐wide  Islamic  community  and  for  the  whole  world  as  a   whole-­‐is  a  question  of  where  Islam  is  going  as  a  religion   and  as  a  cultural  community   -­‐ After  9/11  an  answer  tot  his  question  becomes  unavoidable  for  the  Islamic   ummah   -­‐ They  must  determine  its  own  inner  dynamic  of  existence  within  an  ever -­‐changing  and   increasing  liberal   -­‐ Misconceptions
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