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Module 1 Notes

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Religious Studies
RS 121
Jamie Read

Module 1May 9 2014What is unique about the modern worldModern societies are seen as humanmadeoIn premodern societies people believed that the society was given to them by God If we made society we can change itSociety is understood as a projectoSomething that we make and remakeThe myth of progressoModern people believe that the modern period is the achievement of evolutionoSociety can improve and perfect itselfoPeople are morally obligated to make their societies better All modern societies are revolutionary societies oAre in a state of constant flux and change as their members attempt to improve and perfectModernity The Revolutionary SocietyRobert Nisbet The Two Revolutions in The Sociological TraditionoIndustrial RevolutionoDemocratic RevolutionoThese two completely redefined the elements of social life a process called globalizationoRestructuring of the entire society according to an abstract plan ideologyoEvery element of human life is changedPolitical organizationEconomic lifeSocial relationsPsychology of the individuals who make up the society
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