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Religious Studies
RS 170
Nick Shrubsole

thAnswering Important Questions Human Existence and Destiny in Sci FiFeb 25 2013 Lecture OverviewOverview of Unit 1Important questions Constructing realities Bergero A world without religion still needs answersSeeking transcendence and tabula rosa in science fiction Cowan Unit 1 ReviewThe substance f religion o Sacred power and the experience of it o Sacred space time and action o Sacred storiesFunction of Religiono Communityo Answers hope and direction The substance of religionoalien and alien encounters o Sports stadiums athletes an franchiseso Celebrities and superheroesFunction of religiono Fandomo The function of science fiction in answered the big questions The Big Questions Religion tries to answer How do you know what is right and what is wrong Is there a God Why do bad things happen to good people Why is ther
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