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SDS131R Lecture Notes - Glass Ceiling, Ethnocentrism, Bell Hooks

Social Development Studies
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Theresa Romkey

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Beliefs and Arguments
Human nature is not one specific gender and instead there is a bit of male and female in
State originated because of male dominance over women
State must include gender into the equation so all may achieve fulfilment
Both a united women of the world yet each can define your own version of feminism
Rights must be gender neutral
Very few people have died under this ideology, don’t like violence
Sex and Gender
Sex: biological criteria (it is not dichotomous at least 3, male female and other)
Some have ambiguous genitalia: cannot tell by looking at it the gender, bits and parts
from male and female genitals
Gender: configuration of behaviours and activities making you masculine or feminine
(socially constructed)
Doing Gender: symbolic interactionism: gender inequality is realized through our daily
activities in interactions with others (e.g. women moving out of the way for men on
Feminist Theory’s Share…
Want to understand the understand why social institutions have gender bias
Gender relations are problematic and result in inequality
Gender relations are socially constructed
Feminist focus on politics and like social change
What equality rather than woman domination
History of Waves
1st 1848-1918: related to slavery movement and wanted women to have the vote
o 1918 (important date) most women in Canada got the vote
2nd 1963-1980: civil rights and anti-war movements
3rd 1989-present: do it yourself movement with no cookie cutter image of feminist
o Reclaiming language and adding the race element (women can be oppressed and
be the oppressor)
Liberal Feminists (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Mary Wollstonecraft (grandmother of feminism) wrote A Vindication for the Rights of
Women and told men if you want smart children marry a smart woman and told the
women to stop acting like you have no brain and educate yourselves
Focused on personal liberty: they wanted access (the vote)
Betty Friedan: highly education, married had kids was diagnosed with housewife fatigue
(boredom) and was prescribed valium like many other women
o Wrote The Feminine Mistique: the personal is political
1970 Royal Commission on the Status of Women asked women what it means to be a
women and what they want/needed: to this day many of the recommendations haven’t
been put into practice
Wanted to resocialize gender roles
If women only had access all things would be equal (add women and stir way of
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