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Lecture 8

SDS353R Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Antonia Fraser, Situation Two

Social Development Studies
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Geoff Malleck

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Spontaneous activity of children; to occupy oneself in amusement, sport or other recreation
Must be: (1) voluntary; (2) intrinsically motivated; (3) involves some level of active (i.e. phys engagement)
and (4) distinct from other beh’ by having make-believe quality
Involves free choice activity, non-literal, self-motivated, enjoyable, and process oriented
- based on child’s sense of reality
- not for reward/praise/food
Diff from last c.
i.e. play in wilderness vs. video games
Criteria: 1.) Child is in charge of situation
2.) Child engaged in beh’ for sake of exp’/pleasure
3.) Child can freely pretend and engage in creative expression and beh’
Allows child to begin to understand the world; encourages problem solving; allows to simplify and deal w/
complex events in life; learn to interact in group setting; learn various social and cognitive skills
Children want to be adults, but don’t to beh’ like adults; adults want to be like children, but don’t want to
be childish
Concepts of play: - old world view that it is a waste of time and evil
- childish pursuit
- amusement
- communal exercise
- imitation
- learning exp
- relaxation
- escape
- ―nothing‖
Article designed to be play w/, chiefly by children
Some are universal
Play, toys, and games mirror world
Game of 9-pin as we know it preceded by ~ v. in MA and in ancient Greece
Kites originally used as tools (signal troops) and not toys (as we used them today)
Toys (according to Antonia Fraser) provide: 1.) pleasure
2.) fantasy
3.) imitation
Reflection of:
1.) technology (i.e. early Norse culture had toy boats)
2.) adult world work
3.) ideas of child dvlpmt, edu
4.) concept of child
5.) competitive world and status
6.) importance of children
7.) capitalist syscommercialism
8.) values
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