SE101 Lecture Notes - Software Development Process, Orbital Elements, Software Requirements

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SE101 Case Study
Identify shortcomings in the existing CSA satellite tracking software and discuss the
steps needed to fix the problem? (Discuss the activities/steps in the software
development cycle needed to address the problem)
Source code for the library was unavailable
o Restricted team from customizing software, adding new features
Library was a purchased product
o Recurring licensing fees EW
Code did not respond well to being called by multiple programs at the same time
o Its temperament is comparable to that of a cat
Code was outdated
o Did not reflect changes suggested by Revisiting Spacetrack Report #3
Steps to fix
Software requirements & Specification
o Requirements
What are the functional/feature addition requirements of the system?
o Spacecraft must be targeted by antenna with accuracy of ±0.4
degrees at all times
Data Format
o Provide data in variety of forms
Execution speed
Added features
Two Line Elements (TLE) format
o Keplerian Elements in
Size and shape of orbit
Orientation of orbit
Position of satellite on orbit path
Date & time when satellite was there
Satellite number
o Other
Date & time right now
Latitude & longitude of ground station
Satellite position (lat & long)
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