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Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture One – Human Sexuality  Sex – biologically male or female (XX & XY)  Gender – our sense of maleness or femaleness, feminine or masculine; psychological & sociocultural vs. biological – Unwritten rules - Gender Identity – self-concept of being female or male - Gender role – complex clusters of behaviours/mannerisms to which we are expected to conform on the basis of our sex. Culturally defined - When we are strict about these social roles… that is known as stereotyping  Sexuality involves: - physical activities, behaviour for reproduction and/or pleasure - Erotic feelings; desires, fantasies, thoughts, urges, attractions - Sexual organs  Human sexuality – how we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings (gender, gender identity, gender roles, sexual orientation). Critical part of the SELF Multidisciplinary Nature of the Study of Human Sexuality We can study sexuality from 1. Historical perspective a) How various behaviours are viewed at different times b) Method: examining historical documentation c) Conclusions: different societies have tolerated different behaviours and different attitudes at different periods of time 2. Religious/Moral perspective a) What is “right” and what is “wrong” from a moral perspective b) Closely tied to historical (documents versus practice; e.g. birth control) – documents may be very different from practice - We can also see who has the power at the time when viewing historical documents c) E.g. Sex is for reproduction d) Method: examining religious writings e) Conclusion: great difference across religious and sometimes within a religion 3. Psychological perspective a) Understand why different people behave differently and how it affects them; interested in the behaviour, thoughts, and emotional responses of the individual. Also, studying the individual in sexual relationships b) Method: case s
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