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Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture 2 – Theory and Methods Theory – tentative and testable explanation Research – Objective test of theory 1. Psychoanalytic – Freud - Theory of personality with sex being the glue that holds his theory together - Personality: Id, Ego and Superego - Id – (Party) the part of the personality that is demanding and very primal – driven by instinct - Ego – (reff between id and superego) the part of the personality that develops to satisfy the desires of the Id within the ability to process the concepts of the real world. (what can I do to satisfy the Id – fantasize) - Superego – (Priest) the part of the personality that takes the values of society and incorporates them into your personality - Psychic determinism:  Everything has meaning (e.g. dreams) - Unconscious motivation:  Processing without awareness - Defence mechanisms:  Behavioural manifestations  Internal conflict 1. Repression: banishing a memory or thought (sometimes we can consciously banish it, or it could be adaptive so it doesn’t hurt you so much) 2. Projection: attributing elsewhere (when someone is angry with you, but they ask you why you are mad at them. Instead of owning their anger, they make the ownice on you) 3. Reaction formation: the opposite thought (having same sex feelings for a person, but the thought is unacceptable so one beats the crap out of the person they desire) 4. Displacement: deflect to – threatening (when you want to hit someone, but you hit something else that is a less threatening object – wanting to hit your mom, hitting your little brother instead) 5. Sublimation: deflect to lofty goal (you have a lot of pent up sexual energy so you take that energy and chooses to put it into a more constructive goal) - Stages of development: oral (sucking on things – 2-4) , anal (fascinated with poop – potty training stage), latten (sexual drive sleeps), phallic (picks up again during puberty – interest in sexual behaviours) and genital/adult (If there is a fixation in one stage, a person has not properly moved from that stage – nail biting, stuck in oral stage) - Oedipus (men) & Electra (women) Complex 1. First love = mother (sexual desire) 2. Fear/realize castration (boys realize that mom and dad are sexually involved and fear that if the father finds out that he sexually desires the mother then the father will castrate the child… if it’s a little girl, their desire for their mother is lost when they realize that they have already been castrated…) 3. Father rival/blame mother (boys rival their father, and girls blame mother for their castration and often become depressed) 4. Resolution: identification (boys try to become more like their father so they can find a woman like their mother… girls will act like their mother because they realize they cannot have their mother so they decide to act like her instead cause she is in the same boat) His theories were not testable – a theory that explains everything… really explains nothing 2. Learning a) Classical Conditioning: - A process of association - Something neutral is paired with stimulus that elicits an unlearned response Unconditioned stimulus – pleasant genital touching  Unconditioned response (orgasm) Neutral stimulus (perhaps a person is masturbating in a closet and see boots when they orgasm, this than becomes a conditioned – learned—reaction that when they now see boots they become aroused) Rachman: 1) UCS -------------------> UCR Erotic slides Arousal 2) CS (Black knee high boots) No response He then continually showed the boots with the erotic slides which makes is a conditioned stimulus which leads to a conditioned response – fetishes - Stimulus generalization: boots, heels and sandals (they became aroused with similar like shoes which showed that they generalized what initially turned them on) - Treatment: pair aversive UCS with sexual unwanted stimuli - Doctors believed that they could condition homosexual sexual behaviour out of men. They did this by putting gay men in a room, and show them homosexual pictures and either shock them or force the smell of rotten eggs in the room - You cannot classically condition sexual response out of humans because it is much more complex Acquisition  The probability of CR increases as the CS is paired with the US - Each time your phone has run, it has been your new beloved, calling to tell you how delig
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