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University of Waterloo
Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture Three – Anatomy The Parts Penis - Size? The average size of an erect penis is 6’’ - Different parts :  The root – where it meets the body  Meatus – the opening  Corona – the “head”  Glans  Shaft In the shaft there are three spongy tissues  Top 2 corpora cavernosa  Bottom corpus spongsiosum (urethra) Sponge-like! Tumescence will with blood ... vascular phenomenon! - Foreskin  Circumcise?  Tyson glands – smegma (cheesy type substance if not cleaned - Scrotum  Sac that holds the testes  Dartos muscle  temperature control (when a man is cold, they move closer to the body to keep warm) - Seminal vesicles  70% of ejaculate - Prostate  30% of ejaculate - Cowper’s Gland  Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid (can contain sperm and impregnate a woman) Female external genitals - Clitoris – Glans, shaft, hood - Masters and Johnson  First to really start talking about the clitoris  Said that all male sexual parts have other functions other than just pleasure, but the clitoris has no other function than sexual pleasure - Homologous  The clitoris comes from the same embryotic source as the penis (the one embryo has the ability to be male of female) - Corpora cavernose  Clitoris held in place by crura which holds the penis to the body - Scrotal tugging  Pleasurable, but you will not orgasm by it  But the clitoris is a major source of orgasms when directly stimulated (Freud said that clitoral orgasms were premature but when they age they will have vaginal orgasms)  If the clitoris has no stimulation, it would be the same as scrotal tugging - Mons pubis  Pubic hair probably evolved to protect the vulva but shaving is fine because we protect ourselves with underwear  Stimulation is good cause it has nerve endings - Labia  Minora (inner lips wrap around the penis)  Majora (
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