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Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture 5 – Menstruation Menstrual Cycle Phases 1. 1) FOLLICULAR(5-13) - LOW P - LOW E FSH (follicle stimulating hormones)(Hypothalamus & Pituitary) - Hypothalamus  Gonadatropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) - -EGG IN FOLLICLE RIPENS  E - -GRAAFIAN - the follicle that reaches maturity - The graafian follicle move toward the surface of the ovary - estrogen (E)  endometrium to grow (proliferation) - E  LH surge (pituitary) - E  stops FSH - The cervical mucus is thinning (usually it is think in order to block any unwanted substance - Follicles produce a lot of estrogen 2. Ovulation (14) - Rising estrogen  LH surge - Follicle Ruptures - Ovum burst forth - Some women can feel and it is called "MITTELSCHMERZ" - Ovulation occurs 14 days before menstruation - Mucus thins - Body temperature dips during this phase and then it rises 3. Luteal Phase (15-28 days) - Follicle  Corpus Luteum (yellow body cause its yellow in cows not in humans) - Corpus luteum is a temporary gland – results in its own destructio
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